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Fire Damage in Jacksonville FL

Accidental fires can be detrimental to any residential or commercial property. Even small fires can lead to extensive repairs and costly restoration. With CCI Restoration Services, you can receive the help you need to overcome an event like this for the price you want.
When it comes to fire damage in Jacksonville, you won't find another restoration company more skilled in eradicating all signs of damage and restoring your space to its former appearance. We have the tools and knowledge to assist with any fire damage, including the following types of damage caused by fires:

 Water Damage—Left Behind from Firefighting Attempts
 Structural Damage—Fires Can Weaken Roofs and Flooring
 Electrical Damage—High Levels of Heat Damage Electrical Wiring
 Soot Damage—Stains Anything from Walls to Carpet, and Even Furniture
 Smoke Damage—Odor Becomes Trapped in a Wide Range of Objects and Possessions
Fire, Fire Damage Jacksonville FL

Jacksonville FL: Fire Damage Restoration

CCI Restoration Services is actually the preferred contractor for many of the insurance companies we work with! This means that we not only provide residents of Jacksonville with complete fire damage restoration, but we are also able to handle all dealings with these insurance companies. This helps us ensure that your insurance covers all of the fire damage restoration you need. Our fire damage restoration includes services like the following:

 Duct Cleaning   
 Smoke & Odor Removal  
 Cleaning & Painting
 Soda-Blast Smoke Removal 
 Pack-Out & Storage for Unharmed Items
 Content Cleaning for Affected Possessions
 Computerized Inventory of Unsalvageable

Professional Fire Cleanup–Jacksonville FL

Cleaning up your home or office space following a fire is a job for the professionals. Only our quality of equipment and tools will be able to restore the appearance and safety of your space to a level that you are comfortable with.
Performing fire cleanup can even prove dangerous for those not experienced in this field. Don't put yourself or your property at risk. No matter what time of day of night you need fire cleanup in Jacksonville, you can count on CCI Restoration Services and our 24/7 emergency fire damage work.

 To learn more about our fire damage restoration, contact us! CCI Restoration Services performs work in Jacksonville, Orange Park,
St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, MacClenny, Fernandina Beach, Callahan and Green Cove Springs, Florida.