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Smoke Damage in Jacksonville FL

While there are many signs of fire which are apparent to the eye, some of the most lingering and stubborn fire damage actually is olfactory. Smoke damage has the ability to infiltrate any textile-based items and even your ventilation system!
When you want to ensure that all signs of fire, including subtle smoke damage, are completely eradicated from your space, you can depend on CCI Restoration Services. For the last 27 years, we have been helping residents of Jacksonville remove smoke damage, fire damage and more!


Jacksonville FL: Smoke Odor Removal

Smoke travels quickly, meaning that smoke damage is not limited to the area surrounding the fire; it can permeate the features of your entire building! If you are searching for the best smoke odor removal in Jacksonville, look no further than CCI Restoration Services.

Room after a Fire, Smoke Damage Jacksonville FL

Our smoke odor removal has proven so successful that over our years in business, we have become the preferred restoration contractor for many of the insurance companies we work with! This smoke odor removal includes eliminating smoke from items like:


Soot Removal for Jacksonville Structures Affected by Fire

Soot is the greasy and oily material left after a fire. This is a by-product of the fire failing to burn organic matter. Soot is highly stainable and extremely hard to remove, however, CCI Restoration Services has the tools and knowledge to complete soot removal for any space in your building. Even the toughest soot stains are no match for our team of professionals. We perform soot removal in Jacksonville on the following features of residential and commercial spaces:


The Importance of Duct Cleaning–Jacksonville FL–Orange Park FL–Ponte Vedra FL

Because smoke has the ability to infiltrate your ventilation system, it is important to invest in duct cleaning following a fire. This ensures that all traces of smoke damage are removed and aren't lingering in your air ducts, waiting to be blown back into a room or office. CCI Restoration Services offers this professional duct cleaning throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding areas so that you can guarantee the safety and health of your space and its inhabitants.

Want a free estimate on our smoke and soot removal? Contact the CCI Restoration Services office by filling out this form! We serve the areas of Jacksonville,
Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, MacClenny, Fernandina Beach, Callahan and Green Cove Springs, Florida.