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Water Damage Restoration in Jacksonville FL

Water damage can prove to be very problematic for your space. While the effects of fire damage are always apparent, either by sight or smell, water damage is usually a little more subtle. By not taking fast enough action to combat this damage caused by the prolonged presence of water, then you can be setting yourself up to face even more repairs and restorations in the future!

CCI Restoration Services offers water damage restoration in Jacksonville and the nearby areas so you don't have to face a costly and drawn-out situation like this. With our water damage restoration, we are able to transform the appearance and functioning of your residential or commercial building back to its previous state.


Jacksonville FL: Water Damage Cleanup

No matter what time of day or night you require our help we guarantee to provide you with professional water damage restoration at a moment's notice. Extensive water damage can be caused by a one-time flood, or even a minor leak that has gone unnoticed for an extended period of time.
With our water damage cleanup, we are able to reverse signs of water damage caused by any unfortunate circumstances. We offer the following services as a part of our water damage cleanup in Jacksonville:

 Drying & Restoring Carpets & Rugs
 Removal of Carpet, Drywall & Insulation
 Computer & Electronic Equipment Restoration
 Carpet Cleaning  
 Mold Removal & Remediation  
 Air Scrubbing
Water in a Hallway, Water Damage Jacksonville FL

Backup Sewage Removal–Jacksonville FL

The most troublesome water damage comes from clogged pipes and
backed-up sewage lines. Not only does this cause water damage to your property, but it is almost always accompanied by the unpleasant presence of sewage. CCI Restoration Services offers complete sewage removal in the Jacksonville area.

We Clean Up Sewage in Jacksonville and Surrounding Areas

Only professionals with the proper tools and equipment should handle a
potentially hazardous situation like this. Not only do we offer sewage removal,
but we also provide sewage cleanup to our Jacksonville clients. This involves the necessary deep-cleaning and sanitizing to properly remove all harmful bacteria from your space.

 With our water damage restoration, CCI Restoration Services can return your space to its former appearance! To learn
more about the service we offer, contact us today! We serve the areas of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra,
St. Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, Atlantic Beach, MacClenny, Fernandina Beach, Callahan and Green Cove Springs, Florida.